Where Can I Buy Hedgehog In South Africa

Where Can I Buy Hedgehog In South Africa

A hedgehog is a small nocturnal Old World mammal with a spiny coat and short legs, able to roll itself into a ball for defense.

Below is Where You Can Buy Hedgehog In South Africa

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Address: Delarey, 5 Centenary Road, Whiteridge, Roodepoort, 1709, South Africa
Phone: +27 71 683 5995

Can you own a hedgehog in South Africa?

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are not legal to own in all South African provinces. In some provinces it is illegal to own an African Pygmy Hedgehog, in some, it is perfectly legal, and in orders, it is only legal if you have acquired a permit from your local nature conservation officer.

Where do hedgehogs live in South Africa?

Southern African hedgehogs can be found in most environments, however, they prefer grass and Bushveld (sub-tropical woodland ecoregion of Southern Africa) that is not too damp and with a good covering of leaves and other debris. Many of these hedgehogs also live in suburban gardens.

What is the lifespan of a hedgehog in South Africa?

Larger species of hedgehogs will usually live 4–7 years in the wild, and smaller species 2–4 years, but owing to the lack of predators in captivity – and if they maintain a healthy diet – hedgehogs kept as pets can sometimes live more than 15 years.

What do South African hedgehogs eat?

Southern African hedgehog - Wikipedia

The Southern African hedgehog is an omnivore and its diet typically consists of invertebrates, including beetles, grasshoppers, and slugs. They also eat small vertebrates including frogs and lizards. Since the hedgehog is known to frequent gardens, dog food has become another staple of their diet.