Where Can I Buy GRV Watches In South Africa

Where Can I Buy GRV Watches In South Africa

GRV is a company that mainly designs and produces wearable technology. The main products are smartwatches, Fitness Activity trackers, and wireless earphones

Are GRV watches waterproof?

The smartwatch complies with the international waterproof IP68 standard and can be immersed in 3 meters of water.

What brands sell smart watches?


  • Apple Watch Series 9 (18)
  • Apple Watch SE (12)
  • Apple Watch Series 8 (8)
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2 (6)
  • Garmin fenix 7 (6)
  • Fitbit Luxe (5)
  • Garmin epix (5)

What watches are smart watches?

  • Google Pixel Watch 2.
  • Apple Watch Series 9.
  • Apple Watch SE.
  • Apple Watch Series 6.
  • Apple Watch Series 4.
  • Apple Watch Series 8.
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2.
  • Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation)

How long does it take to charge a GRV fitness tracker?

It only takes 2-3 hours to charge fully and can service you for up to 7 days. (Tips: Please charge the watch in time before it runs out of battery, otherwise you need to set the watch again.).

Can I swim with a 100M water-resistant watch?

Degree of Water Resistance | CASIO

100M Water Resistance: Wearable around sinks, during swimming, poolside diving, and snorkeling, but not while jet-skiing or scuba diving. 200M Water Resistance: Wearable around sinks, during swimming, poolside diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, but not while scuba diving.