Where Can I Buy Fendona In South Africa

Where Can I Buy Fendona In South Africa

Fendona is a fast-acting pyrethroid insecticide that quickly and effectively eliminates disease-causing insects. With its active ingredient alpha-cypermethrin, Fendona is one of the most effective indoor residual sprays for protecting public health in regions where malaria and other vector-borne diseases are present.

Below is Where You Can Buy Fendona In South Africa

Buy Fendona In South Africa

Efekto – Fendona 6 SC – 50ml

R 147


A long-lasting suspension concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for the control of flies, cockroaches (American and German), bed bugs, fleas, fishmoths, mosquitoes, hide beetles and larvae, stable flies, ants and alphitobius larvae and beetles.

– Poisonous when swallowed and moderately toxic by skin contact.
– Not significantly hazardous to bees, various other beneficial pest parasites and predators, and fish under field conditions provided the product is used as directed.
– Moderately toxic to wildlife.
– Store in a cool place away from food and feed.
– Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons, and animals.
– Do not apply directly to animals.
– Do not apply to surfaces where food is handled.

Active Ingredient:
Alpha- cypermethrin (pyrethroid) 60 g/l

– Avoid eye splashes, skin contact, and inhalation of spray mist.
– Wear protective clothing: overall, gloves and face mask.

How long does it take for Fendona to work?

Fendona CS kills insects within an hour of being exposed to the active ingredient but some can take up to 24 hours.

Can I spray Fendona in my house?

FENDONA*6 SC spray mixture is colorless and odorless and can be used indoors or outdoors, in and around homes, factories, hotels, shops, food handling and processing establishments, hospitals, schools, dairy parlors, stables, refuse dumps, and similar places where high levels of hygiene are required.