Where Can I Buy Fabric Paint In South Africa

Where Can I Buy Fabric Paint In South Africa

Fabric paint, which is also known as textile paint, is most commonly made from an acrylic polymer. This acrylic, which is bonded with a color and then emulsified, makes the paint durable against routine use, multiple washes, and sunlight.

Below is Where You Can Buy Fabric Paint In South Africa

Tri Chem S.A

Address: 9 Jaguar Rd, Sunward Park, Alberton, 1459, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 896 4934

Jimnettes Lynnridge Mall

Address: 11,12, Lynnridge Mall, Lynnwood Rd & Jacobson Drive, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, 0081, South Africa

Phone: +27 12 361 4469

Crafter’s Fabric

Address: 510 Jennings St, Daspoort, Pretoria, 0082, South Africa

Phone: +27 12 379 8835

Home Hyper City 365

Address: 19 Pretorius St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa

Phone: +27 12 323 7000

Wanna Paint

Address: Sentrum, 254 Ben Viljoen St, Giesenburg, Pretoria, 0116, South Africa

Phone: +27 83 727 4158

Scola Quip

Address: 2 Equity Dr, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 673 5407


Address: 39 Goldman St, Florida, Roodepoort, 1709, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 472 0600

Cool Crafts / B&C Crafts

Address: Shop 3, 125 3rd Ave, Fairmount, FAIRMOUNT, 2192, South Africa

Phone: +27 74 557 0267

How much does fabric paint cost in South Africa?

Available Options:

Fabric Paint ColoursStockPrice
Clear (01)3 in StockR69.00
White (02)2 in StockR69.00
Orchid (03)3 in StockR69.00
Rich Cream (04)3 in StockR69.00

What is the expensive paint in South Africa?

Here's what the 15 most expensive paintings from South Africa ...

These are South Africa’s most expensive paintings right now.

  • The highest price ever achieved for a South African painting is Irma Stern’s Arab Priest, at R52,303,600.
  • Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers sold Irma Stern’s Bahora Girl for R40,756,944.

How much does paint cost in South Africa?

7 Steps for Estimating a Painting Job in South Africa

According to Sainsider, a liter of Dulux paint in South Africa can cost anywhere from R218 to R499. Different colors, qualities, and finishes are going to cause the cost of paint to be either on the lower end or higher end.