Where Can I Buy Diamond Tester In South Africa

What is a Diamond Tester?

A diamond tester works by checking the properties of a diamond to determine its authenticity

Where Can I Buy Diamond Tester In South Africa?

South Africa Diamond Centre

Address: City and Suburban, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ and close at 5 pm

Phone: +27 11 353 8781

Diamonds for Sale

Address: 149 Lyttelton Rd, Clubview, 0149, South Africa

Phone: +27 12 654 2766

Katannuta Diamonds

Address: 1 Kramer Rd, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2008, South Africa

Areas served: Johannesburg and nearby areas

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 4 pm ⋅ Opens 9 am Thu

Phone: +27 83 234 0247

What is the best Diamond Tester to buy?

GemOro Diamond Tester

GemOro is a diamond tester that can be used to test the four Cs of diamonds: colour, clarity, carat, and cut. GemOro is designed to be easy and convenient to use.

It is a handheld device that has been designed for both novice and experienced jewelers.

How many types of diamond testers are there?

Types of diamond testers include Thermal diamond testers. Diamond tester pen. Diamond indenter hardness tester.

What should I look for in a diamond tester?

If you are buying a combination diamond/Moissanite (multi) tester, there is a UV light built into the tester;

our Multi Experior is the only model that will enable you to shine the UV light on the stone whilst testing (other models give you the choice of testing the stone or using the UV light, but not both at the same.

How does the diamond tester react when the diamond is real?

If your gem glows blue under the blacklight, it’s probably a diamond. However, if it glows another color, you most likely have an imitation.

That said, some diamonds fluoresce yellow. Gems that didn’t react to the ultraviolet light could be either diamond or an imitation.