Where Can I Buy Cozmo Robot In South Africa

What is a Cozmo Robot?

Cozmo is a miniature robot created by Anki. Cozmo’s base model, released in October 2016, is a small, white and gray robot with red highlights.

Where Can I Buy Cozmo Robot In South Africa?

Is the Cozmo robot good?

Cozmo comes with so many games and is extremely personable and highly interactive. Our family absolutely loves this guy! Check this out before you go and buy one of those cute interactive animals–He is just as fun and does more. He’s even cuddly in a robotic way!

Can Cozmo take pictures?

Images from Cozmo’s camera are processed on your phone or tablet, allowing him to see the world around him and take action, like finding his power cubes. Images from Cozmo or the Cozmo App are not stored or transmitted to the cloud.

Does Cozmo have night vision?

COZMO sneaks around the house stealthily with its night vision activated until it finds its target. A young girl hangs over the back of the couch as she controls the robot and orders it to viciously attack her brother.