Where Can I Buy Black Soldier Fly Larvae In South Africa

What is Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

Where Can I Buy Black Soldier Fly Larvae In South Africa?

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae are available from The Silkworm Shop South Africa.

BSF Larvae are highly nutritious and carry a lot of calcium which is very important for reptiles.

What is the black soldier fly used for in South Africa?

Back soldier fly farming is a type of farming in which larvae from black soldier flies are used to convert food waste into nutritious animal feed, and it is more beneficial than creepy.

What are the conditions for black soldier flies?

Past research has shown that larvae of the Black Soldier Fly can survive temperatures between 0 and 45°C.

However, the larvae are most active at temperatures between 25 and 35°C. This was also found to be the ideal temperature for adult flies to mate and for the eggs to hatch.

What materials are needed for black soldier fly farming?

There are three requirements for a Black Soldier Fly farm; a bin, larvae, and organic waste. For novices who have a keen interest in insect farming,

it is more cost-effective to rear their own Black Soldier Fly eggs into larvae which will in turn enable them to create a profitable and scalable business.