Where Can I Buy Biuret Test Kit In South Africa

What is a Biuret Test Kit?

The Biuret test is used to detect the presence of proteins in a sample. The test is founded on the idea that copper ions in an alkaline solution can form a complex with the peptide bonds in proteins, resulting in a change in color, from blue to violet.

Where Can I Buy Biuret Test Kit In South Africa?

What is another name for the biuret test?

The biuret test, commonly known as Piotrowski’s test, is a chemical procedure for detecting peptide bonds. In an alkaline solution, a copper(II) ion produces mauve-coloured coordination complexes in the presence of peptides.

How many drops of biuret test for protein?

Biuret test for proteins

Place one spatula of the food sample into a test tube or 1 cm3 if the sample is liquid. Add about 1 cm3 depth of water to the tube and stir to mix.

Add an equal volume of potassium hydroxide solution to the tube and stir. Add two drops of copper sulfate solution and stir for two minutes.

Does biuret test normal urine?

To test for protein content, add approximately 2 ml of the Biuret reagent to 10 ml of the urine sample. It does not need to be placed in a water bath. If the bright blue color changes to purple, protein is present in the urine.