Where Can I Buy Bawas Furniture In South Africa

Where Can I Buy Bawas Furniture In South Africa

Bawas Furnishers is one of the leading furniture and retail Organisations in the northern Kwa Zulu Natal district of South Africa which was founded in the year 1998 in Ladysmith Kwa-Zulu-Natal. Through experiences, challenges, and mainly the support of the Bawas furnisher’s clients and supporters, Bawas has successfully developed from retail to manufacturing of local and Quality goods.

BAWAS Furnishers covers all dimensions which make a happy home such as bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, lounge accessories, and bedroom furniture.

Below is Where You Can Buy Bawas Furniture In South Africa

Bawas Furnishers

Address: 14 West St, Bergville, 3350, South Africa

Phone: +27 36 448 1061

Bawas Furnishers Pietermaritzburg

Address: 492 Pietermaritz St, CBD, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

Phone: +27 68 360 8523

Bawas Furnishers Howick

Address: 10 Bell St, Howick, 3290, South Africa

Phone: +27 67 685 6624


Address: 9 Murchison St, Newcastle CBD, Newcastle, 2940, South Africa

Phone: +27 65 720 7566


Bawas Furnishers prioritizes in first-class service. Bawas Furnishers is about more than just furniture and appliances but aims to craft a culture around modern home living, allowing anyone who enters to see it as a place of elegance and endless possibility. That’s what we, at Bawas Furnishers provide – endless possibility.

The right to adequate housing is an important basic human right which is recognized in the Constitution and international human rights instruments. Housing provides shelter from the elements, and a place to eat, sleep, relax, and raise a family. The right to adequate housing ensures that people enjoy physical and mental health and live in a safe place in peace and dignity. Human rights are indivisible and interdependent, so the right to adequate housing cannot be separated from other rights such as sanitation, water, education, and healthcare.

Bawas Furnishers ensures its stakeholders and clients the right to adequate housing and shelter by manufacturing and retailing quality and affordable furniture goods and appliances that make your house a happy comfortable home.