Where Can I Buy Agricultural Land In South Africa

What is an Agricultural Land?

Agricultural land is typically land devoted to agriculture, the systematic and controlled use of other forms of life—particularly the rearing of livestock and production of crops—to produce food for humans. It is generally synonymous with both farmland or cropland, as well as pasture or rangeland.

Where Can I Buy Agricultural Land In South Africa?

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Can foreigners buy agricultural land in South Africa?

Foreigners may acquire immovable property (including agricultural land) in their names or jointly in undivided shares or via entities such as companies, trusts, or similar entities registered outside South Africa.

Where is the best place in South Africa for agriculture?

Commercial grain-growing areas are predominantly located in the Western Cape province and in the maize quadrangle (North West and Free State provinces). Subsistence farming mostly occurs in the North West and the Eastern Cape provinces.

How much does agricultural land cost in South Africa?

The average price for high-potential arable grain production land falls between R40 000/ ha and R50 000/ ha, Karoo grazing farms go for about R2 000/ ha, and irrigated farms go for between R150 000/ ha and R200 000/ha.

Where is the safest place to own a farm in South Africa?

With regard to farm attacks, the Northern Cape was the safest province at 1%, while North West was the most violent.

Gauteng recorded the most murders, namely 20%, followed by North West and KwaZulu-Natal recording the second highest incidence of murders, namely 18% each.

What type of farming makes the most money in South Africa?

As seen above, the most profitable crops in South Africa are mostly vegetables. Vegetable farming can be very profitable in this region.

Unlike livestock farming, growing vegetables costs less, and you won’t need to buy expensive feed or build housing for your animals.