What Is The Best Tumble Dryer In South Africa

What is Tumble Dryer?

A clothes dryer, also known as a tumble dryer or simply dryer, is a powered household appliance that is used to remove moisture from a load of clothing, bedding, and other textiles, usually after they are washed in a washing machine

What Is The Best Tumble Dryer In South Africa?

Whirlpool W6 D94WR UK

If running costs are your primary concern, the Whirlpool W6 D94WR UK is for you. Rated A+++, it’s a super-efficient tumble dryer.

In fact, in our tests, we ran the Hanging Dry cycle for just 17p with our test load of 5kg of washing (a typical load). Even getting to the cupboard dry only cost 26p for the cycle, which is incredible. This is close to being the cheapest tumble dryer we’ve reviewed.


If you don’t tumble dry that often, the KD-NHH9S7GW2-EN’s low asking price and relatively high 9kg capacity make it an interesting choice.

This isn’t a smart tumble dryer, so everything is available via the program dial on the front. We found the controls a little fiddly: the dial has to be turned to turn the machine on and select a program; turn the dial past the off position and the machine shuts back down.

Still, once you’re used to the way that the KD-NHH9S7GW2-EN works, it has every cycle that you might need.


Big and bold, the AEG T9DEB969C is more attractive than your average tumble dryer. It’s also packed with the latest technology, too. At its heart are several technologies to improve garment care: replicating flat drying for wool items, for example, and using a fine humidity sensor so that the dryer stops as soon as clothes are dry.

While everything is available via the front panel, this machine is also compatible with the AEG app. 

Hotpoint NT M11 9X3E UK

It’s not the most exciting tumble dryer nor is it packed with the most technology, but the 9kg Hotpoint NT M11 9X3E UK does get all of the basics right, and it has some of the lowest running costs that we have seen.

As with most of Hotpoint’s products, this tumble dryer is controlled via the dial on the front. There are programmes for the most common clothing items, plus modes for cuddly toys, silk and wool items, among others. Although it can be set to run for a specific amount of time, the Hotpoint NT M11 9X3E UK is best used with its sensor drying, stopping when it detects clothing is sufficiently dry.

LG Styler

Rather than being a tumble dryer, as such, the LG Styler is more a wardrobe for keeping your clothes in the best condition. Inside, there’s room for three hanging items, a shelf for an item and a single trouser press.

Rather than dealing with large amounts of items, then, the Styler is there to care for your more delicate items. Using steam, it can refresh clothes, such as suits and hard-to-clean items, so that you don’t have to take them to the dry cleaners as often.

What type of tumble dryer dries the quickest?

Condenser vs vented vs heat pump – which tumble dryer is best ...

Vented dryers

Vented dryers are, on average, the fastest drying option. However, like condenser dryers, vented dryers aren’t very energy efficient.