What Is The Best Team In South Africa

Determining the “best” team in South Africa can be subjective and can vary across different sports and periods of time. South Africa has a rich sporting culture and has produced successful teams in various sports. Here are some prominent teams in different sports:


  • South Africa national cricket team: The South Africa cricket team, often known as the Proteas, has achieved success at both the international and domestic levels. They have produced world-class players and have had strong performances in Test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).


  • Springboks (South Africa national rugby union team): The Springboks are highly regarded in international rugby. They have won multiple Rugby World Cups, including in 1995, 2007, and 2019, and have a proud history in the sport.

Football (Soccer):

  • Mamelodi Sundowns: Mamelodi Sundowns is a successful football club in South Africa that has won multiple Premier Soccer League titles and has also achieved success in continental competitions, including winning the CAF Champions League.


  • SPAR Proteas (South Africa national netball team): The SPAR Proteas have been a strong team in international netball. They have competed in multiple Netball World Cups and have had notable performances against top-ranked teams.

It’s important to note that the success and performance of teams can vary over time, and different teams may excel in different eras or competitions. Additionally, the perception of the “best” team can also be influenced by personal preferences, loyalty to specific teams, and regional affiliations.

Ultimately, the best team in South Africa may be subjective and depend on individual perspectives and criteria such as achievements, performance, fan base, and overall impact within their respective sports.

Which team is most successful in South Africa?


Chiefs have won 13 league titles (four in the PSL era) and over 22 club trophies. As a result, they hold the most trophies amongst all clubs in South Africa and are the most successful team in South African football history since the start of the top flight in 1970.

What rank is South Africa soccer team?

South Africa national soccer team - Wikipedia

As of 23 June 2022, the team is ranked 12th in Africa (CAF) and has moved one spot up in the world (FIFA), and is currently in the 67th position.