What Is The Best Smartphone To Buy In South Africa

What is a Smartphone?

A smartphone is a portable computer device that combines mobile telephone functions and computing functions into one unit.

What Is The Best Smartphone To Buy In South Africa

Determining the “best” smartphone to buy in South Africa can depend on various factors such as personal preferences, budget, and specific needs. However, here are some popular smartphone options available in South Africa:

Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+:

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ are flagship smartphones known for their powerful performance, high-quality displays, and versatile camera systems. They offer a range of features and are suitable for users who prioritize performance and cutting-edge technology.

iPhone 12/12 Pro:

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are popular choices for Apple enthusiasts. They offer powerful performance, excellent camera capabilities, and a seamless user experience within the iOS ecosystem. They are known for their sleek design and strong software support.

Google Pixel 5:

The Google Pixel 5 is known for its exceptional camera performance, clean Android experience, and regular software updates. It offers a pure Android experience and is suitable for users who prioritize camera quality and software optimization.

OnePlus 9/9 Pro:

The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro offer high-performance specifications, fast charging capabilities, and a clean user interface. They provide a flagship experience at a relatively competitive price point and are suitable for users who prioritize performance and value.

Huawei P40 Pro:

The Huawei P40 Pro offers a powerful camera system, long battery life, and a sleek design. It features Huawei’s own chipset and provides a rich user experience, especially for photography enthusiasts.

Xiaomi Mi 11:

The Xiaomi Mi 11 offers a flagship experience at a more affordable price point. It boasts high-end specifications, a vibrant display, and a versatile camera system.

When choosing a smartphone, consider factors such as operating system preferences (Android vs. iOS), camera capabilities, display quality, performance, battery life, storage capacity, and budget. It’s advisable to read reviews, compare specifications, and visit local retailers to get hands-on experience with different smartphone models before making a purchase decision.

Which phone brand is best in South Africa?


We asked South African consumers about the “Most popular smartphone brands” and found that “Samsung” takes the top spot, while “Vivo” is at the other end of the ranking.

What are the top 3 cell phone brands in South Africa?

As of April 2023, Samsung leads the mobile device market in South Africa with a market share of around 48 percent. Apple ranked second with a share of around 19 percent, closely followed by Huawei in third.