What Is The Best Private School In South Africa

What is Private School?

A private school is a school not administered or funded by the government, unlike a public school.

What Is The Best Private School In South Africa

Below are some of the Best Private Schools.

  • St Mary’s DSG.
  • Roedean School for Girls.
  • Diocesan School for Girls.
  • St Cyprian’s.
  • St Mary’s Waverly.
  • Bishops.
  • Somerset College.
  • The Wykeham Collegiate.

Which is the most expensive private school in South Africa?

Hilton College, more commonly referred to as Hilton, is the most expensive school in South Africa. The boys’ school is located near the town of Hilton in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. The annual fee for the 2023 academic year is R343 155.

Which province in South Africa has the best schools?

The North West has four schools in the perfect ranking, followed by the Eastern Cape with two, and Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape with one school each. No schools from Limpopo feature on the list.