What Is The Best Gym In South Africa

What is a Gym?

A modern-day gymnasium (as a gym used to be called way back in Ancient Greece) is a place for indoor physical workouts where various equipment and machines are typically used.

For some people, a typical gym is a place where you focus on weight lifting and similar activities.

What Is The Best Gym In South Africa?


Gym enthusiasts who throng CrossFit are easily identifiable by their well-built bodies. The gym is not only a facility but also a lifestyle and a fitness routine/regime. Most CrossFit gym workouts anchor on unique exercises that take advantage of full-range body movements.

These workouts leverage weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and gymnastics to achieve your desired body goals. The workouts are brutal but the results compensate for the pain you’ll have to endure in the gym.

Virgin Active

Virgin Active is the biggest gym franchise in South Africa with multiple branches in major cities. Each location is uniquely positioned to address the specific needs of people living in the particular neighborhood. 

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness doesn’t compare to Virgin in terms of size. However, it is more affordable compared to Virgin. It has top-of-the-line facilities and thought-out classes geared toward delivering harmony and balance of mind, body, and soul in a fun way.

More specifically, Planet Fitness offers aqua, cycle, step, box, dance, HIIT, conditioning, Yoga, strength, core categories, and pilates.

Stature CT

Stature CT service has a personal touch to it. The gym has a group-based drilling that pushes trainees out of their comfort zone.

While this might sound hard, it is fairly doable in practice. The training relies on technique with well-thought-out six-week cycles that promote functional movements and stimulates muscle activation. 

Sports Science Institute (SSISA)

Sports Science Institute hosts some of the best minds in South Africa. The facility has kept most of South Africa’s top athletes in their best shape.

As such, it houses some of the best training equipment in the country. Other than state-of-the-art equipment, the facility has the best trainers to help you meet your training goals. With commitment, you are sure to get the best results from training at Sports Science Institute.

SSISA gym or fitness offers professionalism, safety, space, motivation, and energy. It keeps you interested enough to always go back for more exercise.


Sweat1000 will get you to lose the extra weight in no time. The name of the gym is symbolic with the prefix SWEAT representing Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training and the suffix 1000 representing the amount of calories you will lose in an hour of training in this gym.

Workout in this gym combines multiple training techniques including functional training, interval training, athletic training, core stability workout, and agility training. 

What is the biggest gym in South Africa?

 Srixzone Health and Fitness Lephalale stand as the largest indoor gym in South Africa.

How much does a gym cost in South Africa?

Health Clubs have various membership options ranging from R240 to R1095 per month. There are four gym membership options available to you:

Virgin Active Off-Peak Health Club membership: *R240 – R750 per month. Virgin Active Health Club membership: *R270 – R995 per month.

Is gym profitable in South Africa?

A fitness centre is a lucrative business, providing income for thousands of entrepreneurs, but there are some essential factors you need to consider before you venture into this kind of business.