What Is The Best Gaming Laptop In South Africa

What is Gaming Laptop?

Gaming laptops are designed to provide the necessary power to run high-end games with high-quality graphics and fast processing speeds

What Is The Best Gaming Laptop In South Africa

Asus TUF Gaming F17 | I9 13900H | 16GB | 1TB SSD | 17.3″ FHD 144Hz | RTX 4050 6GB | Win 11.

MSI GF63 Thin | I7 12650H | 16GB | 512GB SSD | 15.6″ FHD | RTX 2060 6GB | Win 11.

Acer Nitro AN17 | I7 13700H | 16GB | 512GB SSD | 17.3″ FHD 165Hz | RTX 4050 6GB | Win 11.

Which brand of laptop is the best for gaming in South Africa?

You can’t go wrong with one of Asus‘ high-end gaming laptops, which offers the latest and greatest specs to make sure you can keep gaming for a good few years.

Yes. On the highest settings. And there you have it — the best laptop brands in South Africa for the year 2021!

How do you know if a laptop is good for gaming?

Make sure your gaming laptop’s GPU and CPU can hit consistent frame rates while rendering the proper resolution of your screen or external display.

Compare the CPU and GPU in the laptop you’re considering to the system requirements of the games you are hoping to play to get a sense of how they will perform.

How much RAM should a gaming laptop have?

2-4GB of RAM can be enough for browsing the internet, lightweight work applications, or older games. 

8GB of RAM can be enough for mid-range gaming and most work applications. Many modern PC games list 8GB of RAM or more as a minimum system requirement.

How long can a gaming laptop last?

Performance-wise, you can expect a good gaming laptop to last around five years. Pick up a laptop that matches or exceeds the performance of a console.

The GPU affects a gaming laptop’s lifespan the most. Most gaming laptop hardware isn’t upgradable, so spend your money where it matters most.