What Is The Best Diesel To Use In South Africa

What is Diesel?

Diesel fuel, also called diesel oil or historically heavy oil, is any liquid fuel specifically designed for use in a diesel engine, a type of internal combustion

the engine in which fuel ignition takes place without a spark as a result of compression of the inlet air and then injection of fuel. 

What Is The Best Diesel To Use In South Africa

What is the cleanest diesel in South Africa?

THE CLEANEST DIESEL AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA. Choose Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10ppm and experience the benefits of using South Africa’s cleanest diesel.

What diesel is standard in South Africa?

50ppm Diesel is now the most broadly used diesel across South Africa, in many other African countries, and abroad, where available,

and is used in standard road vehicles as well as vehicles with heftier workloads, like mine excavators and trucks.

What diesel do trucks use in South Africa?

Low Sulphur Diesel from Reputable SuppliersIn line with industry-standard, SA Oil stores, supplies, and sells 50ppm diesel across South Africa,

and to neighboring countries, as well as to mines, agricultural areas, and manufacturing facilities of all sizes.

What are the benefits of using diesel fuel additives in South Africa?

Reducing the cost of parts replacements and downtime.

Keeping the fuel cleaner and more efficient.

Improved combustion – reducing problems with engine starting.

Reduced wear.