What Is The Best Coffee In South Africa

What Is Coffee?

Coffee is a beverage prepared from roasted coffee beans. Darkly colored, bitter, and slightly acidic, coffee has a stimulating effect on humans, primarily due to its caffeine content. It has the highest sales in the world market for hot drinks. 

What Are The 4 Types Of Coffee?

The four main coffee types are Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica and all four of them have radically different taste profiles.

What Is The Best Coffee In South Africa?

1. Assagay Coffee

Assagay Coffee was founded in 1991 and is now one of South Africa’s leading coffee brands. The majority of its coffee is cultivated in the Assagay Valley region of KwaZulu Natal, where the main estate is located.

It is prepared from the highest quality Arabica and robusta beans. This Vegetarian product is a potent tool for kicking off your day with boundless energy. It’s strong, spicy, and sweet.

The company is a coffee producer and wholesaler distributor. Assagay strives to give the highest quality goods to its customers. They have expanded their company and are now exporting to Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Zambia.

2. Bean There

Bean There Company is South Africa’s largest roaster brand for Fairtrade-certified coffee. One of South Africa’s leading coffee businesses and a long-standing competitor of Assagay.

Bean There is the second most popular coffee chain in South Africa, making it one of the top coffee brands in the country. Bean There is a presence in nearly six countries and operates over 30 coffee shops.

Bean There has positioned itself as a luxury coffee brand, and it maintains that reputation with its amazing outlets and rich coffee.

3. Mastertons

Mastertons Coffee, based in Port Elizabeth, is the place to go for handcrafted speciality coffee. They get their coffee from places like Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, and Ethiopia, where they follow ethical working methods and buy only fresh coffee varieties.

The roasting procedure is meticulously carried out in order to bring out the natural characteristics of the coffee beans (as well as their heritage).

They can maintain the qualities of each coffee bean variety by using current roasting technologies. Surprisingly, one of their most recent coffee varieties is grown by cooperative farmers.

4. Bean about coffee

If you enjoy a nice, robust cup of coffee, you will enjoy Bean About the coffee. One of the most popular and well-known coffee brands in South Africa.

Since its relaunch, it has created new coffee variations that are well-liked by South African coffee aficionados owing to their rich taste and low costs. Bean About Coffee is a coffee roaster that makes one-of-a-kind coffee blends chosen for their freshness and taste richness.

5. Colombo Coffee

Colombo coffee is a well-known coffee brand in South Africa. They have been in business for almost a century. They are one of the country’s oldest coffee brands, having been in business for more than a century.

They provide a comprehensive choice of both coffee and tea brewing machinery, as well as excellent advice, to all coffee and tea enthusiasts, from individuals to significant companies in the hospitality business.

It’s one of South Africa’s oldest Micro-Roasters, with a fascinating backstory. It concentrates on specialist offerings and will continue to do so.

6. Mokador

Makador, based in Johannesburg, is one of the greatest options for handcrafted speciality coffee. Their beans are sourced from South Africa, Central Africa, and East Africa, and they are available whole or ground (depending on your preference).

As stated on their website, the individuals behind the brand are dedicated to the art of craft roasting and will only roast coffee in small amounts.

The quality of the beans is retained in this manner, and you will receive coffee with outstanding flavour. Furthermore, the unique characteristics of each coffee bean variety will be kept.

7. Crown Coffee

Crown Coffee is a leading coffee roaster in South Africa, sourcing coffee beans from all across the heart of South, Central, and East Africa. They are interested in delivering speciality coffee to individuals who enjoy it, and they prefer direct commerce.

Crown Coffee is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and quality. The organization places a high priority on problems of sustainability, such as the environment, employee health, and local communities.

Crown Coffee is particularly proud of its dedication to fair trade standards, which ensure that farmers are adequately compensated for their harvests, that their talents are valued, and that they are treated with respect.

8. Dando Coffee

Dando Coffee is a South African-based African coffee business. The firm has become a household name in many African nations, and it continues to expand with the assistance of new inventive goods such as its Dando black coffee.

This eventually led to the establishment of a small café that provided more than just light refreshments, providing hot and cold drinks, nibbles, and even cakes! This spread to other areas in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban.

9. House of Coffees

House of Coffees is one of South Africa’s top coffee companies, with a history of providing high-quality products and services for over 50 years. This brand provides quality in flavour, body, and scent in perfect conjunction with an espresso, filter, and instant variety.

House of Coffees offers a configuration to meet your serving needs whether you’re purchasing for your office, small business, or staff room.

10. Miko

Miko is a South African coffee merchant. Miko is one of the world’s oldest coffee roasters, family owned and born in Belgium in 1801.

Miko Coffee is a coffee farming firm that focuses on producing high-quality coffee for clients worldwide. The headquarters of the corporation is in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

They now cover Cape Town, the Garden Route, the West Coast, Port Elizabeth, East London, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Rustenburg, Polokwane, Newcastle, the Kruger Park region, and Namibia.

Miko Coffee is one of Africa’s top coffee growers, exporting its goods all over the world. Miko Coffee sells coffee to approximately 50 countries worldwide, ranking among the top 20 coffee producers in terms of volume shipped.

11. Pronto

Pronto Coffee is a coffee business that began operations in 1999. It operates around 300 outlets in South Africa. The corporation has established a reputation as one of the largest employers of black labour.

Their speciality coffee is created with Arabica beans obtained from small farms in East Africa and Central America.

Pronto Coffee was started by Trevor and Brenda van den Berg, a husband and wife partnership, with the goal of offering an exceptional customer experience with top-quality goods, professional service, and reasonable prices to everyone that passes through their door.

12. Snobs Coffee Roastery

They’ve evolved to be a dynamic team of exceptional coffee specialists, all sharing a wealth of expertise and love for what they do, and have become synonymous with Trompsburg coffee culture.

They choose to partner with, teach and support like-minded businesses who want to offer their thoughtfully sourced and skillfully roasted coffee to the best of their abilities.

Square Mile is always evolving, assessing its effect and seeking better solutions to their day-to-day work. They improve their connections, acquire knowledge, and contribute to putting South African speciality coffee and culture on the map by working together and supporting their partners across the supply chain.