What Is The Best Cigarette In South Africa

What Is Best Cigarette?

Cigarette is a narrow cylinder containing a combustible material, typically tobacco, that is rolled into thin paper for smoking. The cigarette is ignited at one end, causing it to smolder; the resulting smoke is orally inhaled via the opposite end. Cigarette smoking is the most common method of tobacco consumption. The term cigarette, as commonly used, refers to a tobacco cigarette, but the word is sometimes used to refer to other substances, such as a cannabis cigarette or an herbal cigarette. A cigarette is distinguished from a cigar by its usually smaller size, use of processed leaf, and paper wrapping, which is typically white.

Size Of Cigarette?

Traditionally speaking, there are four distinctly different sizes of manufactured cigarettes. The sizes refer to the cigarette lengths (in Millimeter) and they are as follows: 70mm, 84mm, 100mm, 120mm.

Different Colors And What It Means In Cigarette?

The colors employed vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Silver, gold, and blue are used to indicate milder products. Green is used to show menthol cigarettes, while red is used for traditional cigarettes.

What Is The Best Cigarette In South Africa?

  • Vuse. Vuse is one of the world’s leading vapour brands and the first carbon neutral vape brand globally.
  • VELO. VELO is a global brand available in more than 14 countries that has now landed in South Africa.
  • Dunhill.
  • Peter Stuyvesant.
  • Pall Mall.
  • Rothmans.
  • Chesterfield
  • Gold Leaf’s RG