What Is NQF Levels In South Africa

What Is NQF Levels In South Africa?

The NQF consists of 10 levels divided into three bands; Levels 1 to 4 equate to high school grades 9 to 12 or vocational training,

5 to 7 are college diplomas and technical qualifications, and 7 to 10 are university degrees. Higher Certificates and Advanced National (vocational) Cert.

What is an NQF level 7 qualification in South Africa?

NQF 7. Level 7 is a Bachelors Degree or Advanced Diploma. To receive this you would have to have completed a degree programme at a university or other higher learning institution.

What NQF level is a master’s degree in South Africa?

New NQF levelVocationalGeneral
10Doctoral degree
9Master’s degree
8Postgraduate diplomaHonours degree Bachelor degree
7Advanced diplomaBachelor degree