What Is Needed To Apply For Work Permit In South Africa

What Is Needed To Apply For Work Permit In South Africa

In this article, Satacts.co.za tries to answer this question by publishing the requirements needed to apply for a Work Permit in South Africa

if you are a foreigner who wants to work in Africa, you need a work visa first, particularly if one of the following applies to you:

  • You plan to work temporarily in the country (gainful employment or not).
  • You plan to run or set up a business in the country.
  • You plan to visit a company in South Africa of which you have more than 25% control share.
  • You plan to visit South Africa to produce a film, documentary, or TV commercial.
  • You are an au-pair, and you plan to work temporarily in the country as part of a cultural exchange.
  • The company you work at will be transferring you temporarily to a branch or affiliate of the company in South Africa.
  • You are going to be working as an employee or consultant to the government as part of an intergovernmental agreement.
  • You are a priest or religious worker willing to do volunteer work at a religious institution in South Africa.

Types of Work Permits/Visas in South Africa

There are different types of work visas available to foreign nations wishing to work in South Africa:

  • General Work Visa.
  • Critical Skills Work Visa.
  • Intra-company Transfer (ICT) Work Visa.
  • Corporate Visa.

What Is a General Work Visa?

A South Africa general work visa is one of the most common work permits that allows you to work for the duration of a work contract or for a period not exceeding 5 years.

The employing company or employer has to prove that a South African cannot fill the position for which you qualified. First, however, they must commit to an extensive search for a South African employee to fill the vacant position. If they fail to find someone, they can offer the position to you.

Only then can they obtain a certificate or a declaration from the Department of Labour as proof that no qualified South African citizens could fill the position. You must submit this certificate along with the rest of your documents when you apply for the visa.

How long does a Work Permit Application take?

It can take anything from 1-12 weeks to process, depending on what kind of Visa you have applied for and the volume of Visas the Department of Home Affairs of processing at the time.

How much is a work permit for South Africa?

How Much Does A Work Permit Cost In South Africa 2022

General Work Visa: R 11, 500.00 to R 15, 000.00. Intra-Company Visa: R 11,500.00 to R 15,000.00. Life partner or Spousal Visa: R 7,000.00 to R 12, 000.00.