What Are The Best Deodorants In South Africa

What is Deodorant?

A deodorant is a substance applied to the body to prevent or mask body odor due to bacterial breakdown of perspiration or vaginal secretions, for example in the armpits, groin, or feet.

A subclass of deodorants, called antiperspirants, prevents sweating itself, typically by blocking sweat glands.

What Are The Best Deodorants In South Africa

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How do you make the deodorant smell last longer?

Clean canvas. It’s best to apply deodorant after you’ve dried your armpits completely.

Shake it off. Shake the deodorant can for 8-10 seconds before applying it to your body.

Keep your distance. It is recommended to hold the can at least 15 cm from the skin while applying it.

Avoid using on the affected skin.

How do I choose the right deodorant?

1. Aim for deodorants with 100% naturally-derived ingredients.

2. Look for natural active ingredients that protect against underarm odor.

3. Choose aluminum-free deodorants.

4. Avoid commonly used synthetic chemicals/toxins.

5. Look for beneficial active ingredients, like shea butter and aloe.

6. Watch out for deodorant that stains.

7. Keep it smooth and long-lasting.

8. Review articles online comparing the top all-natural deodorants on your shortlist.

9. Check critical, expert deodorant reviews.

10. Aim for baking soda-free deodorant if you have sensitive skin.

11. Keep going until you find a natural deodorant that works for you!

Should you wash your armpits before deodorant?

The best thing is to try to cool down and stop sweating, thenĀ wash or wipe your armpits to remove sweat and bacteria.

Then apply deodorant or antiperspirant to dry skin. If possible after exercising or sweating, take a shower and put on deodorant again after you’re completely dried.

Can you use deodorant and perfume together?

Unless the perfume and deodorant do not have differing ingredients, you can use them together. Most of the perfumes have natural ingredients.

And deodorants have skin-friendly products. They do not contradict each other in performance.