Wenge Wood Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Wenge Wood?

Wenge Wood Suppliers In South Africa

What is Wenge Wood used for?

Due to its characteristics, Wenge is a versatile species. It is mainly used: For the manufacture of parquet flooringIn cabinet making, especially for the manufacture of luxury furniture.

Is Wenge wood hard or soft?

Wenge makes for a hard and durable wood floor. It is nearly twenty-six percent harder than red oak, is just under twenty percent harder than white oak,

about twelve percent harder than hard maple, and is roughly eighty-nine percent the hardness of either hickory or pecan.

How heavy is Wenge wood?

The closely spaced whitish bands of parenchyma give wenge wood a very attractive appearance. It is fairly straight-grained with a coarse texture. Weight is 55 lbs per cu. ft.

Is wenge wood expensive?

However, this species is listed as endangered, so due to its scarcity and the slow rate at which it grows, Wenge wood is often quite expensive and can be difficult to find.

What is the best finish for Wenge wood?

Regardless of pore filling, you can use just about any finish on Wenge. To get a glossier look, the easiest might be to use a spray bomb lacquer finish

 (should be available at any hardware store in the wood finishing section). A polyurethane (brush or wipe-on) works well, too.