Wedding Proposal Ideas In South Africa

What is a Wedding Proposal?

A marriage proposal is a custom or ritual, common in Western cultures, in which one member of a couple asks the other for their hand in marriage.

If accepted, it marks the initiation of engagement, a mutual promise of later marriage. Not all engagements begin with a proposal of marriage.

Wedding Proposal Ideas In South Africa

Best Unique Places for Wedding Proposal:

Couples Spa Day Proposal Ideas

This idea is simple and easy for any couple or gentleman who’s a bit nervous to propose. You can book a lovely couples massage with your loved one, where you both will be lying on a bed on either side of each other.

At the end of the treatment, you can ask the therapist to join your hands and put the ring in your hand, this will create a very romantic moment for both of you, which makes it the perfect moment to propose.

Surprise Vacation Proposal Ideas

You can talk to the airline or the hostess beforehand and ask them to make that special announcement for you, while you go down on your knee and pop the question.

“One of my friends, which I know of, her fiance proposed on the airplane, so he used the announcement on the airplane, he got one of the air hostesses to announce it and he proposed on the plane while they were on their route to one of their holidays.

Hotel Or Resort

Another option would be to wait until you arrive at your destination. Organize with the hotel to have your room beautifully decorated with flowers or balloons.

You can even do a movie under the stars or a cooking class if preferred. If you’re going to a tropical destination like Mauritius, we love the Lux Resort, they ensure interactive romantic proposals. 

How do you arrange a marriage proposal?

Steps to Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal

  1. Choose The Perfect Ring.
  2. Ask A Best Friend.
  3. Rehearse The Right Words.
  4. Receive Parents Blessing.
  5. Find A Charming Place.
  6. Capture The Moment.