Walk-in Shower Ideas In South Africa

What is a Walk-in Shower?

A shower is where a person bathes under a spray of typically warm or hot water. Indoors, there is a drain in the floor. Most showers have temperature, spray pressure, and adjustable showerhead nozzle

Walk-in Shower Ideas In South Africa

Best Walk-in Shower:

The Modern Look

Modern and contemporary styles use clean lines, minimalism, and a sleek, uncluttered look, which is why frameless walk-in showers, with their glass shower screens, are a perfect fit for this style.

This spacious spa-like shower is characterized by solid glass panels, which act as shower screens and give the illusion of more space. The transparent walls of glass with no metal frames create a grand, open, clean, and airy feel to the bathroom.

Traditional Roots 

Walk-in showers can be translated into a traditional bathroom design, in both big and small spaces. By using frameless showers with a door, you can create the perfect traditional walk-in shower for your clients.

 To enhance this design style utilize natural stone, traditional-style hardware, showerheads, and light fittings and add d├ęcor elements. Think warm and inviting tones, where clients can add texture by pulling in a bathroom mat and a personal touch by adding trinkets, frames with pictures/posters, etc. 

Eccentric and Industrial 

Eccentric and industrial-style bathrooms allow you to get creative with the space and make it your own. Industrial-style design thrives off of the use of different textures like wood, metal, and glass. Accent this style by showing the pipes and systems in your walk-in shower.

Embrace the raw and open industrial feel. If you want to create an eccentric-style bathroom, you can play with different color combinations, patterned wall tiles, and a variety of textures.

How much does it cost to install a shower in South Africa?

Shower Installation

A complete shower set will cost around R2,800.