Van Cars In South Africa

What is a Van Car?

A van is a type of road vehicle used for transporting goods or people. Depending on the type of van, it can be bigger or smaller than a pickup truck and SUV, and bigger than a common car.

There is some variation in the scope of the word across the different English-speaking countries.

Van Cars In South Africa

Volkswagen (VW) Crafter 35 2.0 TDi MWB

Volkswagen (VW) Crafter 35 2.0 TDi MWB

Hyundai H1 2.5 CRDi Ambulance Auto

Toyota Quantum 2.8 SLWB Panel Van

Which van is the best in South Africa?

The Toyota Hiace van is one of the most popular vehicles in the South African Gig Economy.

It’s renowned for its reliability and dollar-for-dollar value, making it an excellent choice for Gig Economy workers. It has enough room to comfortably seat up to seven passengers and can handle a reasonable amount of weight.

Which car is mostly used in South Africa?

Top selling car models in South Africa 2023, by number of units sold. As of June 2023, the top-selling car model in South Africa was the Toyota Hilux, with 3,249 units sold.

The VW Polo Vivo followed, with almost 2,700 units. Ranking third was the Ford Ranger, with 2,413 cars sold in the country.