Trolley Jack Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Trolley Jack?

A trolley jack is a device designed to raise a part of a vehicle via its chassis. A trolley jack usually comes with wheels for maneuvering the trolley jack. a handle for positioning the trolley jack under the vehicle and for pumping the hydraulic cylinders.

Trolley Jack Suppliers In South Africa

Is 2-ton trolley jack enough?

Because a jacked vehicle will only be lifted from one corner, you will only need a jack with a lifting capacity of around three-quarters of your vehicle’s total weight. For example, a full-size family saloon will probably only need a jack with a 2-ton capacity to lift it.

How high can a 2-ton jack lift?

Product Description

2 Ton Automotive Floor Jack2-1/2 Ton High Lift Floor Jack
Lifting Capacity4,000 lbs.5,000 lb.s
Minimum Height5-1/8″5-7/8″
Maximum Height12-3/4″20-7/8″
Weight20.6 lbs.50.6 lbs.