Top Economists In South Africa

What is Economist?

An economist is a professional and practitioner in the social science discipline of economics. 

Top Economists In South Africa

Below are some of the Top Economists.

1David FaulknerHSBC
2Colen GarrowMeganomics
3Luke DoigCredit Guarantee
4Elize KrugerKADD Capital
5Christie ViljoenNKC African Eco. (Now at KPMG)
6John AshbourneCapital Eco.
7Nico KelderIDC
8Hugo PienaarBER
9Jeffrey SchultzBNP Paribas
10Peter WorthingtonBarclays Africa

Who is the South African Economist of the Year?

An economist from Stellenbosch University’s (SU) Bureau of Economic Research (BER) was recently awarded the 2021 South African Economist of the Year award. Hugo Pienaar, chief economist at BER, received the award on 1 August, said Hanlie Stadler, business editor for Netwerk24.

Who are 4 great economists?

This is an interesting book for layman who has heard about famous economists but has little idea why they are famous. Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx, and Frederich Hayek are the most prominent ones.

Is economist in demand in South Africa?

However, economists are very important in the South African context. Economists help develop policies that are consistent with growth objectives. Economists work within the South African Reserve Bank to develop and implement monetary policy.