Top Earning Franchises In South Africa

What are Franchises?

Franchising is based on a marketing concept that can be adopted by an organization as a strategy for business expansion.

Top Earning Franchises In South Africa

Below are some of the Top Earning Franchises.

1. KFC Franchise

A lot of people so much love KFC in South Africa, and it is one of the most accepted brands in the country, with over 950 stores in different parts of South Africa alone. This is therefore the most popular franchise in the country, and more investors are willing to come in for good reasons.

2. Pick ‘n Pay Franchise

Here is another popular and profitable one. Already, in South Africa alone, there are over 1700 Stores operating under this brand. The go-to supermarket and clothing store interestingly has an amazing humble beginning – started out as a humble family enterprise, before becoming what it is right now.

3. SPAR Franchise

The grocery store has also been doing beautifully well in South Africa and is now one with a great reputation. With over 850 Stores in different parts of the country, it operates four retail outlets, which are:

A lot of people in the country also embrace the brand for different reasons, making it easy to thrive if you want your business under it. Nevertheless, you will be needing an investment that revolves around R6 million- R7 million.

4. Nando’s Franchise

This is a proudly South African venture that is encouraging many entrepreneurs in the country. It started out as a small coy in Johannesburg but has been able to expand impressively to become an eatery with over 300 Stores in different parts of the country. In fact, as if this is not enough, Nando is doing fine in other parts of the world too (including Europe and North America).

5. McDonalds Franchise

Mcdonald’s is one of those prominent brands in South Africa that found success here despite not starting in the country. Right now, there are more than 300 McDonald’s stores in South Africa alone. It is easy to understand why so many people love patronizing McDonald’s, as it is a globally renowned brand.

6. Chicken Licken Franchise

This is one of the prominent options for an investor in South Africa. Already, the business has over 200 Stores in different parts of South Africa, with a reputation for selling nice fried chicken, and the fact that it is budget-friendly.

7. Steers Franchise

South Africans can visit any of Steers’ over 530 Stores to get sweet burgers without breaking the bank. You can attach yourself to this brand without having to start a business from scratch. You will only need around R1.7 million.

What makes the best franchise?

What makes a good franchise is an agile yet strong and supportive infrastructure. All franchisees need initial training when they start. Even if they have experience, they’ll still need to learn the ropes of your operating model. Providing ongoing training ensures standards are maintained and benchmarks are met.

What is the success rate of franchises in South Africa?

According to the recent Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) survey, the failure rate of franchising is less than 10%. That’s a stark contrast compared to the over 90% of independent businesses that fail. If you’re a potential franchisee, you should be heartened by these statistics.

Is franchising a good investment in South Africa?

SA’s economic growth must come from private enterprise and the SME sector and franchising is the ideal vehicle to grow the small business sector. The biggest benefit of becoming a South African franchisee is that securing finance for a franchise business opportunity is easier than financing an independent business.