Top Earning Companies In South Africa

What are Companies?

A company abbreviated as co., is a legal entity representing an association of people, whether natural, legal, or a mixture of both, with a specific objective. 

Top Earning Companies In South Africa

Below are some of the Top Earning Companies.

The BHP Group Plc (BHP)

The BHP Group is a world-leading diversified resource business, extracting, processing, and selling minerals, oil, and gas. BHP unbundled its non-core assets into the company South32 in 2015. The unbundling sees BHP operations mostly removed from South Africa and mostly realized in Australia and South America.

Prosus NV

Prosus is a Netherlands-based global consumer internet group, unbundled from Naspers. The Company is primarily focused on six business areas which include: Classifieds, Payments & Fintech, Food delivery, Etail, Ventures, and Travel. The group also maintains investments in listed Social & Internet assets i.e., Tencent Holdings.


It is a leading integrated producer and marketer of commodities, operating around the world. The group’s commodities comprise metals and minerals, energy products, and agricultural products.

Naspers Limited (NPN)

Naspers is a global internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. Some of the company’s primary investments include Prosus – a global consumer internet group, Takealot – South Africa’s largest e-commerce retailer, and Media24 – Africa’s leading media group.

What industries make the most money in South Africa?

Profitable business sectors in South Africa include:

  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector.
  • Transport and logistics sector.
  • Finance and banking sector.
  • Mining sector.
  • Communications and information technology sector.
  • Finance and banking sector.
  • Agriculture and agro-processing.
  • Fashion and beauty sector.

What is the largest company by revenue in Africa?

Naspers. The largest company in Africa and the 503rd largest in the world, Naspers is an internet, technology, and multimedia holding company that operates globally.

What industry is booming in South Africa?

The ranking, now in its second year, shows that companies in sectors including fintech, renewable energy, healthcare, commodities, and agriculture were managing to grow their businesses while much of the world shut down during the Covid-19 pandemic, said the FT.