Telecom Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Telecom?

Telecommunication, often used in its plural form, is the transmission of information by various types of technologies over wire, radio, optical, or other electromagnetic systems

Telecom Suppliers In South Africa

South Africa Telecom Top Companies

  • Vodacom South Africa.
  • Telkom SA SOC Limited.
  • MTN South Africa.
  • Cell C Limited.
  • Saicom South Africa.

Who is the biggest telecom company in South Africa?

MTN Group (South Africa)

The continent’s largest wireless network operator has almost 130 million subscribers across Africa and the Middle East, through a network of subsidiaries.

How many telecommunication companies are in South Africa?

South Africa has four licensed mobile operators: MTN, Vodacom (majority owned by the UK’s Vodafone), Cell C (75% owned by Saudi Oger, an international telecommunications holdings firm), and 8ta, a subsidiary of Telkom.

How big is the telecom market in South Africa?

Revenue in the Communication Services market is projected to reach US$15.6bn in 2023. Mobile Data dominates the market with a projected market volume of US$8.4bn in 2023.