Teff Flour Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Teff Flour?

Teff is a small cereal grain that derives from the plant “Eragrostis tef”. These grains have a mild nutty and molasses flavor.

Teff flour is a popular substitute for wheat flour because it is naturally gluten-free and has a favorable nutrient profile. It is naturally high in protein, dietary fiber, and calcium.

Teff Flour Suppliers In South Africa

How much is teff grain in South Africa?

ZAR 32.00 incl. tax* * Based on residence in South Africa.

Why is teff flour so expensive?

Demand for Teff

Teff is currently the most expensive grain to purchase in Ethiopia as it requires labor-intensive harvesting and processing techniques, and produces especially low yields.

Although teff covers the greatest land space in Ethiopia, it has the lowest yield per hectare, an average of 910kg/ha.

Where is teff grown in South Africa?

Most teff in South Africa is grown in areas that receive between 400 mm to 900 mm of rainfall. White teff has the ability to tolerate some frost; however, it will not survive prolonged periods of extremely cold temperatures. On the other hand teff can also tolerate high temperatures of 35°C and higher.

How long will teff last?

Whole Grain Storage Chart

Intact Whole Grain (berries or groats)Whole Grain Flour/Meal
TeffPantry: 4 months Freezer: 8 monthsPantry: 2 months Freezer: 4 months
WheatPantry: 6 months Freezer: 1 yearPantry: 3 months Freezer: 6 months
Wild RicePantry: 4 months Freezer: 8 monthsPantry: 2 months Freezer: 4 months

How long does it take for teff to grow?

Teff threshes with standard methods and equipment. Very early types are ready to harvest in 45–60 days, average types in 60–120 days, and late types in 120-60 days. With good soil, moisture and warmth, yields of 2,000 – 2,200 kg per hectare are attainable.