Strip Curtains Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Strip Curtain?

PVC Strip Curtains are almost exactly what they say they are on the tin. They are just like your window blinds at home, in that they are in strips and hang from the top of the door or window or opening. PVC Strip Curtains.

Strip Curtains Suppliers In South Africa

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors

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How effective are strip curtains?

The additional benefits of plastic strip curtains include: Preventing 80% – 90% of air loss compared to conventional doors. Enhancing hygiene and separation by stabilizing the air temperature. Less product spoilage.

What are strip curtains made of?

PVC strip curtains are plastic strips used as barriers to control temperature, dust, noise, and humidity in various environments.

They are made of PVC, the third-most widely manufactured synthetic polymer of plastic, that is strong, flexible, and resistant to impact, corrosion, and abrasion.

Do strip curtains keep heat in?

Strip curtains are an excellent addition for energy-conscious businesses or warehouses as they keep cool air or heat inside, maintaining a consistent and comfortable working environment for both customers and employees.