Steam Coal Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Steam Coal?

Steam coal: Coal burned, primarily in boilers, to generate steam for the production of electricity or for process heating purposes, or used as a direct source of process heat. Steam coal, also known as thermal coal, refers to all coal not classified as coking (or metallurgical) coal.

Steam Coal Suppliers In South Africa


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How much is a ton of coal in South Africa?

South Africa’s Coal Price in International Commodity Markets in September 2023 is about 99.85 dollars per metric tonne estimated by the World Bank.

In the Previous Month, August 2023 South Africa’s coal worth was 97.60 dollars per metric tonne. Last year in September 2022 the price was 234.98 dollars.

How much is a truckload of coal in South Africa?

Lisa Steyn, in an article for Business Day, quotes energy expert Chris Yelland, who estimates that transporting coal costs around R850 per tonne, which includes R300 to R350 in procurement costs.

With 200 trucks transporting around 33 t each, Eskom moves an estimated 205 000 t of coal a month.

How many tons of coal can a truck carry in South Africa?

34 ton

Coal is a vital resource for many industries, and its transportation is a crucial part of the supply chain. In South Africa, 34-ton side tipper trucks are often used for this purpose.