Spinal Needles Suppliers In South Africa

Spinal Needles Suppliers In South Africa

The spinal needle is needed in a variety of medical procedures, especially for anesthetic and diagnostic purposes in serious health conditions. Spinal anesthesia is also used as pain relief in surgeries such as labor surgeries.

Spinal Needles Suppliers In South Africa

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Which spinal needle is best?

The various reports described spinal cord injury with pencil point needles suggest that due to the need to penetrate more than 2 mm into the subarachnoid space, it can result in conus damage. This is one more reason to prefer the cutting bevel of the Quincke needle for low thoracic spinal anesthesia.

What are the two types of spinal needles?

Whilst Quinke needles tend to cut through the dura (the tough outer membrane), pencil point designs such as the Sprotte and Whitacre are designed to part the fibers of the dura rather than cut them, minimizing damage to the dura fibers and reduce the risk of post-dural puncture headaches.