Sorbitol Powder Suppliers In South Africa

Sorbitol Powder Suppliers In South Africa

Sorbitol Powder is a white, crystalline, sweet, water-soluble powder, C6H8(OH)6, occurring in cherries, plums, pears, seaweed, and many berries, obtained by the breakdown of dextrose and used as a sugar substitute for diabetics and in the manufacture of vitamin C, synthetic resins, candy, varnishes, etc.; sorbitol.

Sorbitol Powder Suppliers In South Africa

Who is the manufacturer of D sorbitol?

Manufacturers of Sorbitol Powder | Sorbitol 70% (D-Glucitol ...

Gulshan Polyols, is one of the largest manufacturers of Sorbitol (D-Glucitol) with a capacity of 72000 MTPA in India. GPL’s Sorbitol 70% (D-Glucitol) solution facility is an ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, OU-Kosher, HALAL & FSSAI certified company. It also meets IP, BP, and USP grade specifications.

What is the shelf life of sorbitol powder?

Sorbitol is chemically and microbiologically stable and the shelf life is indefinite for all practical purposes. However, as pH may drift down over time, it is recommended that pH be re-tested after one year. Products stored in vented tanks may decrease in water over time due to evaporation.

What is sorbitol 70 used for?

SORBITOL (SOR but tol) treats occasional constipation. It works by increasing the amount of water your intestine absorbs. This softens the stool, making it easier to have a bowel movement. It also increases pressure, which prompts the muscles in your intestines to move stool.