Soda Ash Suppliers In South Africa

Soda Ash Suppliers In South Africa

Soda ash is a sodium salt of carbonic acid used in making soap powders and glass and paper.

Soda Ash Suppliers In South Africa


Address: Building 13, Office Park, 24 Emerald Blvd, Greenstone Hill, Edenvale, 1610, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 609 0962

Tata Chemicals South Africa (Pty) Limited

Address: 140 Johnstone Rd, Maydon Wharf, Durban, 4001, South Africa

Phone: +27 31 205 9252


Address: Alrode, Alberton, 1451, South Africa

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Mining Chemicals SA

Address: 64 Ilana St, Delville, Germiston, 1401, South Africa

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FAMASONS Premium Ingredients

Address: EXT. 6, INGWÈ PARK, UNIT 10, 25 Ingwe Rd, Sebenza, Edenvale, 1609, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 452 4280

What is soda ash in South Africa?

Soda Ash is also known as sodium carbonate washing soda and soda crystals, and in the monohydrate form as crystal carbonate), Na2CO3. It is an essential raw material used in the manufacturing of glass, detergents chemicals, and other industrial products. Soda ash is made in two main grades – light and dense.

Where do we get soda ash?

What is soda ash - Kazan Soda Elektrik

Where is Soda Ash found? Natural Soda Ash has been found in lake brines or naturally occurring mineral deposits. Trona (a mix of water, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, and sometimes sodium chloride or salt) is the most common and richest source of naturally occurring Soda Ash.