Soap Powder Suppliers In South Africa

Soap Powder Suppliers In South Africa

Below is the Soap Powder Suppliers In South Africa

Soap Powder is a concentrated laundry powder that cleans, brightens and deodorizes while leaving clothes soft and smelling fresh.

Soap Powder Suppliers In South Africa

Walchem cleaning Detergents, soap & washing powder, Chemicals, Training courses

Address: Apd Industrial Park, Unit 41 Elsecar St, Kya Sand, Johannesburg, 2188, South Africa

Phone: +27 10 023 4327

Gauteng Soap Powders

Address: 26 2nd Rd, Van Ryn SH, Benoni, South Africa
Phone: +27 83 656 7455

The Soap Factory CC

Address: Ext 52, Pendulum 11, 662 Richards Drive, Allandale, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 312 3568


Phone: +27 82 446 6637

Bliss Brands (Pty) Ltd

Address: 66 Springbok Rd, Industria, Johannesburg, 2093, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 474 2626

Soap & All

Address: 75 Hay St, Turffontein, Johannesburg, 2190, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 683 9592

Santa Detergents

Address: 169 Berea Rd, Greyville, Durban, 4001, South Africa

Phone: +27 31 201 7877

Tamayi Chemicals & Detergents

Address: 41 Nuwejaarsvoel Ave, Choolorkop, Edenvale, 1624, South Africa

Phone: +27 73 075 8123

Victor Soap Industries (Pty) Ltd.

Address: 5 Birmingham St, Benoni South, Benoni, 1501, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 422 2110

KT Wash (PTY) Ltd

Address: 44 3rd Ave, Vorsterkroon, Nigel, 1490, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 814 6526

What is the best washing powder brand in South Africa?

OMOOMO is a household name in South Africa, providing capsules, powders, tablets, sachets, and washing liquids renowned for their cleaning ability. If you’re looking to buy bulk, it helps to consider their brand for its long-standing tradition as a reputable offering in the South African market.

What is the most popular washing powder in South Africa?

OMO washing powder is a known and renowned brand for OMO auto washing powder. This is one of the products in their powerful range of laundry detergents that have been the first choice for a flurry of South Africans.

What are the types of detergents in South Africa?

Here, 41% of Sunlight consumers voted the brand as their preferred detergent, and 22% of Ariel consumers said they preferred Ariel. Other contenders whom customers said were their preferred brands include; Omo, Comfort, Maq, Sta-Soft, Surf, Vanish, bio Classic, and Skip.