Slit Lamp Suppliers In South Africa

Slit Lamp Suppliers In South Africa

Slit Lamp is a lamp that emits a narrow but intense beam of light to examine the interior of the eye.

What is the principle of slit lamp?

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The slit lamp is a stereoscopic biomicroscope that emits a focused beam of light with variable height, width, and angle. This unique instrument permits three-dimensional visualization and measurement of the fine anatomy of the adnexa and anterior segment of the eye.

Which is the best slit lamp?

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The BX 900 is the leading slit lamp imaging device and is designed to assist the Ophthalmic Photographer in his demanding profession.

What is a slit lamp used to diagnose?

A slit lamp exam is a common test your eye care specialist will use to check your overall eye health. They’ll be able to see every part of your eyes — including inside them. This will let them diagnose any issues you’re having or catch early signs of conditions like glaucoma or cataracts.