Silver Mercury Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Silver Mercury?

Elemental or metallic mercury is a shiny, silver-white metal, historically referred to as quicksilver, and is liquid at room temperature. It is used in older thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs and some electrical switches.

Silver Mercury Suppliers In South Africa

Afro Silver Mercury

Address: 3 Sturdee Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

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Phone: +27 78 612 2765

How much is silver mercury per kg in South Africa?

1kg/75ml is cost R2000. 2,5kg/200ml is cost R4850. 13,5kg/1litre is cost R25 800. 34,5kg/Flask is cost R63 000.

Is it legal to buy mercury in South Africa?

South Africa is phasing out products containing mercury, with the aim of banning the import, export, and manufacturing of certain goods by April 2023.

How much is a gram of mercury in South Africa?

Per gram red mercury costs $400 to $500, which can cost 6179 Rands to 7724 Rands. When it supplies get low it ranges from 8000 Rands to 10000 Rands. If you want to buy the purest form of red mercury, it is the most expensive thing ever.

What is mercury used for in South Africa?

Approximately 20 000 miners participate in artisanal smallscale gold mining (ASM) activities in South Africa. The use of mercury increases with ASM activities because it is used to make an amalgam with gold during ore processing.

Why is mercury so valuable?

As a good conductor of electricity, mercury is often used in many products such as switches and batteries. It is used to amalgamate gold and silver in small-scale mining activities because it readily combines with other metals.