Sikaflex Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Sikaflex?

Sikaflex® is Sika’s line of professional-grade polyurethane sealants that have the right balance of properties for reliable and durable sealing, like good adhesion, long-lasting elasticity, high weatherability, good chemical and mechanical resistance and much more.

Sikaflex Suppliers In South Africa

Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Address: 9 Hocking Pl, Westmead, Pinetown, 3610, South Africa

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 am Wed

Phone: +27 31 792 6500

Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Address: Platinum Park, Unit 11 Platinum Rd, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 am Wed

Phone: +27 21 555 0755

Is Sikaflex a good product?

Sikaflex®, the world’s leading brand for elastic bonding and sealing makes the difference with more efficient production processes and a higher quality and performance for products.

Joining parts with Sikaflex® elastic adhesives results in an even stress distribution and consequently higher durability.

Is sikaflex a good sealant?

Highly elastic, this sealant cures to a tough and flexible consistency with excellent cut and tear resistance. It is paintable, stainable and sandable and provides an excellent weatherproof seal.

How long is Sikaflex good for?


Shelf Life:Cartridge and Sausage: 12 months in original, unopened packaging. Pail and Drum: 6 months in original, unopened packaging.
Service Range:-40° to 170°F
Curing RateTack-free time 3 to 6 hours Tack-free to touch 3 hours
Full Cure:to 7 days
Tear Strength (ASTM D-624):55 lb./in.

How strong is Sikaflex?

3 MPa

Product Details

Chemical base1-component polyurethane
Tensile strength (CQP036-1 / ISO 527)3 MPa
Elongation at break (CQP036-1 / ISO 527)400 %
Tear propagation resistance (CQP045-1 / ISO 34)8 N/mm
Tensile lap-shear strength (CQP046-1 / ISO 4587)2 MPa

Is Sikaflex removable?

You’ll need to first use a sharp blade or knife to scrape off the Sikaflex by hand as Sika states that it can only be removed mechanically. Press the blade between the sealant and the surface it’s on and begin to pull the sealant away from the surface.