Shutterfly Suppliers In South Africa

What is Shutterfly?

Shutterfly is a leading e-commerce brand for personalized products and custom designs. Our family of brands helps consumers create products and capture moments that reflect who they uniquely are. ​

Shutterfly Suppliers In South Africa

How much does it cost to print photos in South Africa?

Bulk Photo Print Pricing

Photo Print SizeLess than 10 (each)10-29 (each)30-49 (each)50-99 (each)100 or more (each)
4×6″ Photo Print (101x152mm)ZAR 3.993.593.493.192.49
5×7″ Photo Print (127x178mm)ZAR 8.998.598.397.995.59
6×8″ Photo Print (152x203mm)ZAR 11.9911.5911.3910.998.99
6×9″ Photo Print (152x228mm)ZAR 13.9913.5913.3912.999.99
8×10″ Photo Print (203x254mm)ZAR 19.9919.5919.3918.9913.99
8×12″ Photo Print (203x305mm)ZAR 24.9924.5924.3921.9915.99
12×12″ Photo Print (305x305mm)ZAR 39.9939.5939.3938.9926.99
12×18″ Photo Print (305x458mm)ZAR 55.9955.5955.3954.9935.99

Please note: The prices listed above do not include your 15 % pro discount.

How many photos do you need for a South African passport?

Two color photographs that comply with the Passport and ID Photograph Specifications (NOT needed at smartcard offices as ID images are captured digitally) Submit your existing valid official passport or if lost or stolen a lost passport report (DHA-335) as well as confirmation that the loss was reported to the police.