Sewer Rods Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Sewer Rod?

Sewer Rods Suppliers In South Africa

What are the different types of sewer rods?

Sewer rods come in two forms, short lengths designed to couple together, often referred to as sectional rods, and long rolls of continuous smooth hard steel wire, known as continuous rods.

There are two types of sectional rods, Flexicrome™ and Blu-Steel®.

What is the standard size of a sewer rod?

3/4″ rods are for general purpose use, small diameter drains or flues, and septic tanks. 1″ rods are for municipal and other heavy-duty use.

What is a sewer rod made of?

Made from non-linkable, high carbon, oil-tempered steel. The Flat Sewer Rod is equipped with an aluminum grip handle and steel spearhead.

With a comfortable, efficient Quick-Grip Handle it makes the work go faster.