Scalpel Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Scalpel?

A scalpel, lancet, or bistoury is a small and extremely sharp-bladed instrument used for surgery, anatomical dissection, podiatry, and various arts and crafts.

Scalpel Suppliers In South Africa

What is Scalpel made of?

Scalpel blades come in different sizes, identified by a blade number, and each serves a different purpose. These are almost always made of hardened-tempered stainless or high-carbon steel.

Sharp tip. The cutting edge is small and curved.

What to consider when buying a Scalpel

The quality of the material and the technology used to make the cutting of the edge play an important role in the making of a surgical scalpel.

Earlier, surgical scalpels were made out of silver but now steel is the material that is widely used.

What scalpels do hospitals use?

Silver was historically the material of choice for surgical scalpels, but today, surgical scalpel blades are usually made from

 stainless steel, tempered steel, or high-carbon steel. Ceramic, titanium, diamond, sapphire, and obsidian are other less common options.