Rotary Union Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Rotary Union?

A rotary union is a union that allows for rotation of the united parts.

Rotary Union Suppliers In South Africa

What are the different types of rotary unions?

Three types of rotating unions. Deublin builds reliable rotating unions for high-performance applications where high pressures and high speeds are required.

These are categorized as one-channel air unions, low-speed one-channel unions, low-speed multi-channel unions, and dual passage air unions.

What to consider when buying a Rotary Union?

The number of passages necessary for the union, the rotational speed, the pressure in your installation, and the operating temperature will allow you to calculate the size of your rotary union.

What can damage the rotary union?

Contaminants in the fluids can cause blockages and reduce the efficiency of the rotary union. Using clean fluids, regular system flushing,

and proper filtration can help keep your rotary union and the entire hydraulic system in optimal condition.

What is the purpose of a rotary union?

Rotary unions may be used to transmit coolant, cutting oil, MQL, and pressurized air in a bearingless or bearing-supported configuration.

Besides coolant delivery, rotary unions are used for chucking, tool sensing, rotary index tables, and other machine tool applications.