Rope Ladder Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Rope Ladder?

Rope Ladder Suppliers In South Africa

Metzco Rope Ladders

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How much weight can a rope ladder hold?

Fire Escape Rope ladder and Carabines can support more than 2500lbs and have a breaking strength of 11.2KN to make it a must-have for any home or office that wants to stay safe.

Are rope ladders hard to climb?

Rope ladder braces are made out of wires or chains and the rungs are normally crafted from wood or metal.

 Climbing a rope ladder can be tough for someone who is not used to such a skillful task. The key is maintaining your balance by keeping your body centered on the rope ladder.

Are rope ladders safe?

As with other types of ladders, personnel safety is an essential concern with wire rope ladder care. According to the standard, 

wire rope ladders should only be used when the maximum vertical height is 50 feet (15.2 m). When the height of the working area exceeds this amount, other means of access need to be provided.