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What is a Rod?

Rods Suppliers In South Africa


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What are Rods used for?

A rod is a bar or a stick, like the curtain rods in your windows or the steel rods inside the structure of a building that help make it sturdy.

A rod can be a staff, like a walking stick, or a metal bar used in construction projects.

What is Rods made of?

Generally, there are three types of rods used today graphite, fiberglass, and bamboo rods. Bamboo rods are the heaviest of the three,

but people still use them for their feel. Fiberglass rods are the heaviest of the new chemically-made material rods.

What is the best Rods to buy?

Preston Innovations Distance Master 4.0m 100g rod.

Daiwa Prorex X Spinning rod 3-20g.

Sonik Xtractor Carp Rods 6ft 3lb to 10ft 3.5lb.

Shimano Aero X5 13ft Float rod.

Nytro Aryzon Method Feeder 12ft rod.

Daiwa Matchman 9ft Method Feeder rod.

Middy 5G 11ft Pellet Waggler rod.