Riello UPS Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Riello UPS?

Riello UPS Suppliers In South Africa

Which UPS is best in South Africa?







What is the long-lasting Riello UPS in South Africa?

This 2.4Kva long-life UPS available from Netshield is an affordable, compact, easy-to-deploy device that gives you longer duration backup than a normal UPS.

So, when the lights go off, you will be able to have between 8-13 hours back up depending on the load. Ideal to keep the TV, lights, cell phones, Laptop, etc.

What to consider when buying a Riello UPS?

Make sure you’re aware of the power load your Riello UPS system will be subject to. By undertaking load bank testing you’ll be able to test your UPS System under full load.

This will allow you to ensure the system you’re looking into buying will be able to cope with the power load demands.