Rhodium Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Rhodium?

Rhodium Suppliers In South Africa

Where can I find rhodium in South Africa?

Our South African operations mine from both the UG2 and the Merensky reefs of the Bushveld complex.

How many types of rhodium are there?

There are two rhodium solution types for galvanic baths: white and black. In the KLENOTA atelier, we only use the white rhodium solution,

which creates a beautiful silvery white luster. When black rhodium is used, the jewelry gets an anthracite black, glossy surface.

What is rhodium used for?

It is used to coat optic fibers and optical mirrors and for crucibles, thermocouple elements, and headlight reflectors.

It is used as an electrical contact material as it has a low electrical resistance and is highly resistant to corrosion. Rhodium has no known biological role.

Why is rhodium so valuable?

Rhodium is an extremely rare and valuable precious metal, primarily used in the automotive industry for its exceptional ability to reduce harmful emissions.

 Its rarity, industrial demand, and geopolitical factors contribute to its high price and investment appeal.