Renault Cars For Sale In South Africa

What is a Renault Car?

Renault, a historic mobility brand and leader of electric vehicles in Europe, has always developed innovative vehicles. 

Renault Cars For Sale In South Africa

Renault Triber 1.0 Express Panel Van

R 169 900

Renault Sandero 66kW Turbo Stepway Expression 

R 144 950

Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy

R 899 900

Is Renault reliable?

Quality and Reliability: Renault has a long-standing reputation for crafting vehicles that exude quality and reliability.

With a commitment to excellence, Renault cars are built with precision and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their durability.

Is Renault cheap to maintain?

The Renault Megane presents itself as a versatile and budget-friendly choice in the world of compact cars.

Its reputation for reliability and low maintenance costs is grounded in its well-designed mechanics and a strong network of service centers.

What engine is in Renault?

Renault F-Type engine
ConfigurationInline 4
Displacement1.6 L (1,596 cc) 1.7 L (1,721 cc) 1.8 L (1,764 cc) 1.8 L (1,783 cc) 1.8 L (1,794 cc) 1.9 L (1,870 cc) 2.0 L (1,965 cc) 2.0 L (1,998 cc)